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Four Powerful Benefits of 3D Scanning

Posted by Mike Knicker on Jan 2, 2014 5:01:00 PM


3D scanning is an increasingly popular measurement method for applications such as reverse engineering, first article inspection, and process control. In addition to being one of the latest technologies on the scene, 3D scanning offers several benefits for manufacturing, research, medical devices, and many other industries.

Four Benefits of 3D Scanning

One of the reasons 3D scanning is becoming more popular is that it performs as well as, and often better than, other measurement technologies and produces faster results. The following four benefits combine to make 3D scanners an excellent choice for many measurement applications:

  1. Speed - Manual measurement takes a long time and is limited by the amount of data that can be practically collected. 3D scanning offers a fast way to automatically collect millions of data points, in some cases as fast as thousands of points per second.
  2. Accuracy - As the technology has improved, the accuracy of 3D scanning has increased over time. Although modern scanners provide a high degree of accuracy, they are only expected to improve as the ability to collect more and better data points increases.
  3. Coverage - In just a matter of minutes, 3D scanners can collect and measure millions of data points on the surface of an object. This efficiency was not possible before the technology was introduced, which is why it has seen such explosive growth in such a short period of time.
  4. Cost - The price of 3D scanning is competitive with other dimensional measurement technologies, especially when you factor the time savings. Many 3D scanners are also easier to use, which helps lower training costs.

Having a cost-effective solution that is also accurate and versatile is changing the landscape of the the metrology industry. However, even though 3D scanners offer many benefits, they are not right for every application. When 3D scanning is determined to be the best technology for the job, you still have important decisions to make.

The best way to maximize these benefits is to ensure that the 3D scanner you use is the best one for the application at hand. Size, shape, surface characteristics, and other factors play a role in determining which type of 3D scanning technology makes the most sense.

If you're not sure which equipment or software is right for you, get in touch with the experts at Q-PLUS Labs. We'll help you select the most appropriate equipment, or we can do the scanning for you in our own labs. Contact us today to get started.

Which of these 3D scanning benefits is the most important to you?

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