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The 3D Scanning Checklist: What to Look for in a Provider

Posted by Mike Knicker on Oct 7, 2014 9:00:00 AM


Selecting the right 3D scanning provider is always important, but it is especially critical if your applications require a certain level of accuracy and traceability. The first step is to identify a short list of qualified providers that offer the type of scanning you need, and then you must select the one that is the best fit for you and the application at hand.

If you have decided to outsource 3D scanning services, use this checklist to help determine which provider is right for you.

What to Look for in a 3D Scanning Provider

  • Expertise - This is the most obvious item on the list, but it is still important to ask whether the provider has expertise in the particular type of 3D scanning you need. For example, a lab that works mainly with contact sensors such as coordinate measuring machines might not have the level of expertise you need for 3D laser scanning.
  • Experience - Although expertise in 3D scanning is an obvious necessity, you also want a provider that has both broad and deep experience in the field. Look for a lab that has not only provided services for other companies in your industry, but who also has experience in other types of applications. The more experience a lab has across a range of applications, the deeper its knowledge base will be.
  • Versatility - There are multiple types of 3D scanning equipment, but not all of them are appropriate for all applications. Make sure your provider offers multiple types of scanning options so you can be confident that they have access to the best solutions for you.
  • Certification - Look for ISO 9001 registration and ISO 17025 accreditation in any provider you select. If you work in specialized areas such as the nuclear or defense industries, make sure the lab you employ has the appropriate certifications in these fields.
  • Testimonials - A good provider will have plenty of happy customers who have offered positive testimonials about their experiences. You can also ask for references to contact former and current clients to ask about customer service and any other questions or concerns you might have.
  • Industry involvement - 3D scanning is a dynamic field, and you want your provider to be on the leading edge of it. Look for a lab that stays involved in the industry through trade organizations to ensure that they are up on the latest technologies available.
  • Confidentiality - Whether you represent a government agency or are developing a proprietary prototype, you must be confident that your provider closely protects your intellectual property.
  • Collaborative process - If you have experience with 3D scanning, you already may know exactly what equipment you want to use. But more often than not, you will need your outsourcing provider to tell you what will work best. Look for a lab that engages in a collaborative process to help you decide what type of scanning will best meet both your requirements and your budget.

Q-PLUS Labs meets all of these criteria and more. Since 1987, we have been providing scanning services to several different industry types for a broad range of applications. Contact us today to learn more about how we work and to get a free assessment of your dimensional measurement needs.

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