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Quantifying Quality: 4 Effects of Advances in Dimensional Inspection

Posted by Mike Knicker on Mar 3, 2015 12:30:00 PM

More than Meets the Eye: 3 Advancements in Nano Measurement that Improved the Quality of Manufacturing

Dimensional inspection is a continually evolving field that constantly faces and overcomes new challenges. Improvements in calibration and measurement processes, new technological developments, and an overall commitment to generating high-quality results all combine to produce positive effects that ripple throughout the industry.

4 Effects of Advances in Dimensional Inspection

Some of the ways that progress in the dimensional inspection field have produced an impact include:

  1. Better product quality - The ability to produce highly accurate results in less time has improved quality control in multiple manufacturing environments. Dimensional inspection allows manufacturers to quickly find defects and determine whether a part meets the required specifications. The result is overall better product quality in a broad range of industries.

  2. Improvements in the medical industry - Diagnostic tools, surgical instruments, artificial joints, orthodontic brackets, and prosthetic devices have all dramatically improved with the development of better 3D measurement and scanning technology from the micro level to the nano scale.

  3. More opportunities for nano manufacturing - Engineers have long been able to design parts with nano features, but the measurement technology had not existed to verify the manufacturing processes. New developments in the field of nano measurement are now making it possible for researchers to bring their innovations to life.

  4. Quality standards in global trade - Widely accepted dimensional inspection standards are being considered to develop a minimum technical barrier for free trade within the World Trade Organization. This global approach to quality control will help level the playing field for manufacturers and provide better products to consumers.

Q-PLUS Labs is committed to staying on the cutting edge of dimensional inspection technology and contributing to its positive effects on the manufacturing and medical industries. If you're new to dimensional inspection or simply want to ensure that you are maximizing your existing efforts, contact Q-PLUS Labs today. We'll evaluate your dimensional inspection needs and the steps you are currently taking to meet them. If we see room for improvement, we'll work closely with you to deliver the metrology products and services that best match your requirements.

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