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From Submarines to Surgical Equipment: 5 Surprising Applications for Dimensional Measurement Equipment

Posted by Mike Knicker on Aug 5, 2014 10:00:00 AM


Dimensional measurement equipment can be used for almost any application you can think of. Although the technology behind the equipment and the measurement methods are universal, the ways you can employ dimensional inspection are countless. It is used in industries as wide-ranging as aerospace, manufacturing, art restoration, and healthcare.

Whether it is used for the government, for the private sector, or even for personal projects, dimensional measurement equipment is a powerful tool. Manufacturers rely on it to verify the dimensions of parts of all shapes and sizes; restoration experts use it to re-create missing or damaged parts; and aerospace engineers use it to get to the moon and beyond.

5 Surprising Applications of Dimensional Measurement Equipment

Some of the applications for dimensional inspection equipment are quite serious, with major implications if the job is not done right. On the other hand, dimensional measurement equipment can also be used for more than just industrial applications.

Some of the more interesting ways metrology equipment is used include:

  1. Sports equipment - Getting just the right contours and angles on a golf club head and making a racing helmet as aerodynamic as possible are just a couple examples of the many ways dimensional measurement has been used for athletic products.
  2. Medical devices and healthcare - Dimensional measurement can be used to re-create the detailed shape of a lost tooth, create prosthetics that fit perfectly, and verify the dimensions of drug delivery devices such as inhalers and syringes.
  3. The entertainment industry - Creating lifelike masks or replicas of objects for props are just two ways that 3-D scanning equipment is used in the entertainment industry. Another example is the use of scanning technology to create realistic objects and people in video games.
  4. Art and archaeology - Relics and artifacts can be reverse engineered and replicated for future study without requiring the use of the original object.
  5. Personal enjoyment - Our Butter Dish 2.0 Case Study demonstrates the use of dimensional inspection for a less serious application. What was once a fun family award is now forever memorialized in an exact replica of the ill-fated butter dish.

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Do you have an application (surprising or not) that requires dimensional measurement equipment?

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